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I paint with a young boy's enthusiasm and an old man's eye!

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I started painting as a boy, growing up in Ottawa, Ontario.  Studies followed at the Ontario College of Art in Toronto and then at the Art Center Los Angeles.  To finance my studies there, I instructed at the Butler Fine Arts School.  I returned to Ontario to live for a few years in Toronto and painted abstracts and figures and then moved to Georgian Bay to paint in the footsteps of the Group of Seven.  In the early 90's, I relocated to Brentwood Bay just outside Victoria, BC to paint the island villages, the rugged coast, and the West Coast sky.  My family now lives in the small town of Seaforth, Ontario, west of Toronto.  I enjoy the rural, small town lifestyle with lots of subject matter at my back door.



I've painted in three primary mediums.  I established my reputation as an oil painter in the mid-sixties painting in the Georgian Bay area.  I painted in watercolour throughout the eighties and nineties which I particularly enjoyed while living in BC.  But I've been painting with acrylics since returning to Ontario and my work is larger and looser because of it.

My paintings are largely pictorial though somewhat abstract.  The colours are from a simple palette of earth pigments, used with large brushes.  The result is fresh and lively.  As an easel artist, I paint vertically and directly.  Most paintings are done 'a la prima'.  I paint where I am; and farms, villages, and urban landscapes are frequent themes.

Several years ago I began to make my own frames from white pine or basswood.  Each frame is tailor-made for the painting.  The frames are wide, painted to show layers of colour in the old traditional way of gesso with a patina worked into the surface.  These are fun to do and make a good home for my particular style of painting.

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Where you can reach me

My work can be seen at Gallery Perth, Perth, Ontario; Winchester Galleries in Victoria, BC; or at my Seaforth Studio. 

This summer see me also at:  Stratford Art in the Park, Stratford Ontario.

My home and studio address is:                       
4 Roderick Court, R. R. 4
Seaforth, Ontario N0K 1W0

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